Fitness training to feel your best.

My 1 to 1 sessions are totally personalised to what you and your body needs. I learn as much as possible from the initial consultation and progress with every session. I want the client to feel great after a session and so my choice of exercise and movement is designed to do exactly that.


1 to 1 sessions

Duration: 1 hr

Cost: £45/session for 1-4 booked sessions.£40/session for block booking of 5+ sessions.

What to expect from my 1 to 1s


My aim is to help you achieve your goals, be it weight loss, core strength or just to move your body and feel better about yourself. Programmes will include moves and exercises I feel appropriate for each client, be it cardio, resistance, flexibility and stretches, core stability and strength.

Every client is unique and so I listen and respond accordingly;

If you need to lose weight and burn fat then we can address nutrition and work on interval training to get results.

If you have tight muscles or knots in certain areas, then I advise on soft tissue releases by using specific techniques and stretches.

If you need to build strength in your core or upper or lower body, then we look at tailored exercises to effectively engage those muscles with mindful control.

If you feel stuck in a rut, low energy and can’t seem to change your health and lifestyle, then we address critical influences such as hormones, peri/post menopause, stress, sleep and positive mindset.

For further insight on what to expect see my Case Studies.


benefits of going 1 to 1

  • Weight loss

  • Muscle tone and definition

  • Fat burn

  • Core strength

  • Improve cardio levels

  • Increase energy levels

  • Healthy nutrition

  • Flexibility

  • Soft tissue release

  • Decrease stress

  • Feel stronger

  • Improve self-esteem


1 to 1 packages


The kickstarter

£415: 10 sessions + bespoke nutritional review and recommendations.

The perfect package for someone looking to build their fitness and tackle their diet all in one go.


The month body blitz

£299: 8 sessions over a month (2 sessions a week)

This package is to blitz that body into shape for a specific event or to meet a personal goal. (Limited availability)


Fitness Programme

£55: Fitness programme + briefing

A great alternative option to weekly personal training - a fitness programme devised specially for you including a 1 hour briefing session to explain and demonstrate correct techniques. Can be updated on a monthly basis.


Nutrition review

£50: Nutritional review + recommendations

A full assessment of your current diet and lifestyle plus bespoke recommendations and detailed advice on the correct nutrients, foods, dishes and lifestyle changes which will help you achieve your nutritional goals.



Let me know how I can help you meet your requirements.