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I'm a personal trainer living and working in and around Epsom, Surrey. If you're looking for a way to feel better, have more energy and get the most out of life then read on to find out what sort of sessions I run.


Pre AND post natal

My advanced qualifications ensure I know how to instruct women to prepare, recover and move their body during the pre natal and post natal stages. Find out more in Pre natal and Post natal.

Working out

Peri to post menopause

Women during their late thirties to early fifties go through many hormonal and physiological changes. I can explain these changes and teach you how to move, eat and adjust your lifestyle to ensure optimum health during this age.



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"I have loved training with Nicola as I find her motivating yet realistic and she manages to make me feel comfortable trying new things but also pushes me harder than I would push myself."

Liz, Peaslake